Full Concert PA System

The Strumpettes, Painswick, 2011

Our 1.6kW Full Concert System is suitable for a complete band in small to medium-sized venues (from 100 to 350 capacity1).

With a 24-channel digital mixer, it provides the processing and output capability required for full sound reinforcement in a compact sound system that can be easily set-up in a limited space.

Martin Audio loudspeakers and QSC amplifiers are used for front-of-house and monitor systems, producing clean and transparent reproduction of the programme content, from pin-drop to peak volume.

A range of supplementary equipment can be supplied with this system, including alternative combinations of microphones and offboard equipment, and stage lighting.

Hire Cost

  • From £600.00 + VAT (£720.00 including VAT) per day, including delivery and sound‑engineer2.

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Venue Suitability

  • Small to medium auditoriums (up to about 300 people or 25 metres in depth);
  • Marquees and outdoor events up to about 750 square metres.


  • Natural and transparent sound;
  • 24-channel professional digital mixer;
  • Industry-standard microphones;
  • Professional sound-engineer;
  • Supplementary equipment available.


  • Concerts and small festivals;
  • Dances and similar social functions;
  • All styles of live music.

System Details

Main Console

Our Full Concert System is supplied with a 24-channel Allen & Heath QU-24 digital mixer.

Allen & Heath describe the QU-series as The Shape of Things to Come.

Sonically indistinguishable from its GLD-series stablemates, the 30-input/24-output QU-24 is from Allen & Heath's latest range of digital mixers. It boasts an impressive armoury of features, including the ability to save all settings for instant recall.

Processing and Effects

The QU-24 has comprehensive processing facilities, including:

  • Four stereo effects engines;
  • Groups;
  • DCAs.

Every input channel includes:

  • Variable high-pass filter;
  • Four-band parametric EQ;
  • Gating and compression;
  • Delay.

Every output channel (including main outputs, and all mono and stereo auxiliaries) includes:

  • 31-band graphic EQ;
  • Four-band parametric EQ;
  • Compression;
  • Delay.

Multicore and Stage-Box

This PA system includes an 80-metre CAT-5e cable and Allen & Heath AR2412 stage-box, providing:

  • 24 mic/line inputs;
  • 12 fully assignable returns.

Loudspeaker System

The three-way bi-amplified loudspeaker system uses:

Martin Audio F12 loudspeakers

The F12, from Martin Audio's Blackline range, is a high-performance loudspeaker, handling 300W (AES), 1,200W peak.

Martin Audio's reputation stems from many years of manufacturing world-class touring systems that have been used on high-profile stages at many of the UK's most prestigious events (including the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury), and the F12 is simply the best in its class!

We include two K&M hand-crank speaker stands, two tilt-frames allowing vertical angle adjustment, and enough cable to cross a 10-metre stage.

Martin Audio S15 bass loudspeakers

The S15 adds impressive depth and weight for a compact front-loaded enclosure, complementing the F12's clarity and projection.

The 15″ drivers keep the bass tight and controlled, while maintaining low-frequency output that matches comparable 18″" units.

The loudspeakers are bi-amplified using an active loudspeaker management system, comprising:

QSC PLX3102 amplifiers

Each amplifier has a rated output of 2 × 550W (FTC, 20Hz - 20kHz 0.05% THD, both channels driven) with the 8Ω speakers supplied.

dbx DriveRack PA system controller

As well as a stereo crossover, this fully-featured programmable system controller includes a 31-band RTA with its own microphone-input, graphic and parametric equalisers, compressor and limiter functions, and a 10-band feedback suppressor.

Input Equipment

We can usually supply a suitable combination of Microphones and DI boxes (the microphones include clips, K&M stands, and cables) for most types of production (please speak to us about what you will need). By default this system includes:

Shure Beta58A Microphones

These supersede (and in our view improve on) the ‘standard’ SM58. However, SM58s can be substituted on request.

Four Orchid Standard DI boxes

The Orchid Standard DI box combines superb audio quality with 100% reliability.

AKG D112 Microphone

An industry-standard and widely-used kick-drum microphone.

AKG C1000s Microphones

‘The Swiss Army Knife for musicians’.

AKG C418s Microphones

Clip-on condensers for drums.

Shure Beta 57A Microphones

An improved version of the legendary SM57.


A four-way monitor system is included, comprising:

Martin Audio F10 loudspeakers

Martin Audio Blackline F10 - 300W continuous, 1,200W peak (AES) - 10″ + 1″ full-range monitors.

Up to four extra monitors and additional mixes are available on request (see our prices page for hire cost details).

QSC GX7 amplifiers

Each amplifier provides 2 × 575 Watts (<0.02% THD) with the loudspeakers supplied.

Cables and Hardware

All necessary cables (for power, loudspeakers, monitors and microphones) and stands are included. Delivery, set-up, take-down & collection are provided without extra charge anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Stroud (which includes Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester and Tetbury).

  1. The suitability of a PA system for an event will depend on programmme content as well as arena size. Assuming a distance of 20m from front of stage to the back of the audience, our 1.6kW Full Concert PA System will produce a peak sound pressure level of more than 110dB SPL in the mid-audience (10m) position of an open-air concert. Higher levels apply to indoor events.
  2. Prices are per 8-hour period on site. Additional charges will usually apply for longer periods, or for delivery over greater distances than 15 miles (see our prices page for details).

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