d&b audiotechnik / Martin Audio High-Output PA System

For events where extended bass and higher output are required our d&b E12/D12 systems can be supplemented with Martin Audio S15 bass loudspeakers.

The S15s add power, weight and depth to the scale and accuracy of the E12s, ensuring that every part of a performance is heard and felt.

With an Allen & Heath GLD80 providing the most comprehensive digital mixing and processing facilities, this system combines superlative audio with full and precise control.

Hire Cost

  • From £750.00 + VAT (£900.00 including VAT) per day1.

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Venue Suitability

  • Medium-sized and larger venues (up to about 1,000 people, depending on musical style);
  • Marquees and outdoor events (up to about 1,800 square metres).


  • Outstanding loudspeaker system;
  • Industry-standard microphones;
  • 24-channel digital mixer;
  • Experienced sound-engineer;


  • All styles of live music.

System Details

Main Console

Our High-Output Systems are supplied with an Allen & Heath GLD-80.

The Allen & Heath GLD-80 provides up to 32 inputs and 16 returns on an 80-metre Category 5e cable and digital stage-box. Additional inputs and returns are available using a second cable and stage-box.

All console parameters can be saved and recalled, so that multiple acts do not require additional channels as they would on a conventional analogue desk. 24 input channels are therefore usually adequate for most live applications, and this is the default provision (please let us know if you need more than 24 channels). An experienced sound-engineer will be available who can operate or help other engineers use this mixer.

Processing and Effects

The GLD-80 has comprehensive processing facilities, with user-configurable routing and layout options. As well as up to 32 mix busses, 16 DCA groups, and up to 8 stereo effects engines, every input channel includes:

  • Variable high-pass filter;
  • Four-band parametric EQ;
  • Gating and compression;
  • Delay.

Every output channel (including every auxiliary and group, as well as left, right and mono outputs) includes:

  • 31-band graphic EQ (with a choice of filter-types);
  • Four-band parametric EQ;
  • Compression;
  • Delay.

All standard effects are available, including:

  • Standard, gated and reverse reverbs;
  • Mono and stereo delays with tap function;
  • Chorus, flange, pitch-shift and ADT.

Loudspeaker System

d&b audiotechnik E12 loudspeakers

The two E12 loudspeakers - each capable of a peak SPL of 134 dB - are supplied with d&b Z5352 flying brackets and Z5024 stand adaptors, as well as a pair of K&M 21300 wind-up loudspeaker stands.

d&b audiotechnik D12 amplifier

The D12 combines comprehensive digital signal processing with an advanced fan‑cooled high‑power amplifier.

QSC PLX3102 amplifier

Powering the S15s with 2 × 1,000W, the 3102 is a first-class switched-mode power amplifier.

Martin Audio S15 loudspeakers

Combining deep bass with fast transient response, the combined (coupled) output of four S15s is a thunderous 141 dB (SPL).

Input Equipment

We can usually supply a suitable combination of Microphones and DI Boxes (the microphones include clips, K&M stands, and cables) for most types of production (please speak to us about what you will need). The following are included with High-Output Systems by default:

Shure Beta58A Microphones

These supersede (and in our view improve on) the ‘standard’ SM58. However, SM58s can be substituted on request.

Orchid Standard DI boxes

Studio-standard audio quality in a touring-grade box.

AKG D112 Microphone

An industry-standard, and one of the most widely-used kick-drum microphones.

AKG C1000s Microphones

‘The Swiss Army Knife for musicians’.

AKG C418 Microphones

Clip-on condensers for drums.

Shure Beta 57A Microphones

An updated version of the legendary SM57.


High-Output Systems come with a monitor subsystem with up to six of our long-established Martin Audio loudspeakers, powered by QSC PLX2 amplifiers. The monitor system comprises:

Martin Audio F10 loudspeakers

The F10 offers near hi-fi monitoring with high SPL capability and good feedback rejection.

QSC PLX1804 amplifiers

The PLX 1804 delivers an ultra-clean 550W per channel into each 8Ω loudspeaker. Up to three amplifiers are included as standard, providing up to six individual mixes.

Cables and Hardware

All necessary cables for power, loudspeakers, monitors, microphones and offboard are included, together with microphone and loudspeaker stands. We can also supply additional or alternative effects units and processors if required (please ask us about this).

  1. Delivery, set-up, take-down & collection are included without extra charge anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Stroud (which includes most Cheltenham and Gloucester venues). Extra delivery charges may apply over greater distances (see our prices page for details).

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