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Web Terms

Terms and Conditions that Apply to Users of the Astralsound Website

  1. Scope. These terms apply to all visitors to this website, and your continued use of the site indicates your acceptance of them. They do not exclude or take priority over terms stated in other documents, or countermand common legitimate practice or local, national or international law. Changes may be posted and implemented without notice, so please check you are viewing the latest version by using the Refresh button in your browser.

    Any infringement of these terms may result in legal and/or other action against any infringing party.

  2. Privacy. We value your privacy1, and do not attempt to gather any personal information from your use of this website alone (although see the paragraphs below on server logs and analytics software about what information we do gather, and how it is used).

    If you use one of our online forms, we record and process the personal information you give us. We only use that information for the purpose you provide it (for quotations, which form the basis of a contract, we need to know who you are, where you live, and how we can contact you by phone and email). Form information is transmitted using end-to-end encryption (nobody else can view or intercept it), and is stored locally on our own encrypted drives. It will not be used by us for future marketing or other unsolicited contact, and will not be shared with anyone else2.

    Our systems and drives are protected by up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software, a hardware firewall, and encryption using robust access passwords. Backup copies - subject to the same protection - are kept on separate media.

    The following data will be generated and processed solely as a result of your use of this website:

    • Apache server logs3 are kept of all interactions with the Astralsound website. We are obliged to ensure that our systems are secure for our users, and it would not be possible to monitor security, or become aware of or act to contain any security breach, without maintaining such logs. We also reserve the right to make any other legitimate use of such data, including policing and pursuing enforcement of these terms and of any other enforceable rights. However, excepting clear infringements of civil or criminal law, no attempt will be made to identify or contact individual users from logged data.
    • Analytics software (Mamoto) tracks and records user activity, using a user's IP address. To preserve anonymity, the last three digits of the IP address are not recorded. For each user this generates an anonymous profile that includes pages viewed, time spent on site, and - where this information is provided by a search engine - any search term(s) referring the user to our site. Summed user information provides a general picture of visitor trends. Our analytics software is configured to respect your browser's privacy setting, and your own activity will not be tracked at all if you have disabled tracking in your browser. This setting is not retroactive: if you disable tracking now, the software will not track your future activity, but any activity logged before tracking is disabled will remain in the database.
    • The search term(s) entered by users of our Site Search application are logged. No personal information is recorded or associated with this process.

    We do not store cookies or any other personally identifiable information on your computer while you are browsing this website. However, our online forms generate a single session-cookie4 when you click on Submit. This does not contain personally identifiable information, and can be safely deleted following successful form submission. Please contact us by another method if you would prefer not receive a cookie at all, or if cookies are disabled or unsupported in your browser.

    Personal information you give us by email, post or phone may be filed or recorded electronically, and similarly will be used only for the purpose you provide it, will be kept securely, and will not be shared.

    If you have at any time provided us with personal information by any means, you are entitled to ask (and we will tell you) what information we have about you, and where we have no legitimate reason to keep it and are not obliged by any other regulation to retain it, we will delete it if you ask us.

  3. Intellectual Property. Copyright (©) exists in all material published on this website, and belongs to Astralsound unless other ownership is stated. All trade marks belong to their respective owners and may not be used in any way that infringes an owner's rights. Users may not reproduce any content of this website in any publishable form - whether this is for commercial or non-commercial use - without prior express written permission from Astralsound (or from the copyright/trade mark owner, as applicable).

    Linking to any of our web pages from external sites is permitted, but linking to individual images or other embedded files ("sponging") is not. Linking patterns that are intended to have an adverse effect on Astralsound's search-engine ranking (for example, posting multiple backlinks with identical anchor-text) may give rise to legal or other action, whether or not they are successful.

    Astralsound is a UK registered trade mark, and may be used on its own or in other anchor-text to link to any page on the Astralsound website. It may not be used to link to third-party sites, or to promote the goods or services of any other business.

  4. Content. Astralsound reserves the right to add to, alter or remove any or all of this website without notice to any other party. All content is published in good faith, and every reasonable effort has been made to ensure accuracy and the relevance of any links to third-party sites (linked pages from other sites are checked periodically for content and function). However, unless we have expressly agreed that specific content forms the basis of a subsequent binding agreement:
    1. Astralsound gives no warranty, express or implied, for the accuracy or relevance for any visitor of anything published or referred to on this site, and any action taken by a visitor on the basis of it is at that visitor's sole risk.
    2. Although we are committed to removing any unsuitable links of which we may become aware, no liability is accepted for the content or function of any external page linked from this site, and such links are followed at the user's risk.

    Only Astralsound has a right to publish or modify content on this website. Any material published or altered here by any other party without permission will be removed, and such publication or alteration may result in legal action against the perpetrator(s) without further notice.

  5. Accessibility. Astralsound gives no warranty, express or implied, that any of the content of this website is accessible. However, we are committed to making our website as accessible as possible. All pages have been checked for compliance with current W3C standards, so that they should display and function correctly in all up-to-date browsers5. If you experience difficulty using a specific accessibility tool (a screen-reader, for example), please let us know.

    The site was developed using html and css, and all pages should load and display correctly with scripts5 disabled.

  1. Our Privacy Policy is advised by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, effective from 25 May 2018). While the GDPR applies only individual (personal) data, we always have and will continue to treat business contact information in the same way as personal data.
  2. This obviously cannot apply where somebody else - for example, a credit-card supplier - is integral to a transaction requiring verification of personal information, but will otherwise apply with the broadest possible scope: we do not use external third-party services to store or process personal information.
  3. Our server logs include, in Combined Log Format, all that are available of the following data (you can find further information on Apache server logs from documents provided on the Apache website):


    The IP address of the client (your computer) that made the request to our server.


    If the action was performed by an authenticated user (i.e. someone who has a user account on our server), their userid.


    If accessing a password-protected document, the userid of the person requesting the document.


    The time (day, month, year, hour, minute, second) the server finished processing the request.


    The request line. This comprises the METHOD (e.g. GET, POST), the requested resource (e.g. /examplepage.htm), and the protocol (e.g. HTTP/1.0).


    The status code (e.g. 200 - success, 301 - permanent redirect, 404 - not found).


    The size (in bytes) of the object returned to the client (your browser).


    The referrer HTTP request header. This give the site (e.g. Google) that the client (your browser) reports having been referred from.


    The identifying information that the client (your) browser reports about itself.

  4. Clicking on ‘Submit’ in any of our online forms will place a single PHP session-cookie associated with and named ‘PHPSESSID’ in your browser's Cookies folder (consult your browser's literature for the location of this folder, and for how site cookies are ordered and named). Its sole purpose is to retain session information while image-recognition is carried out (so that the characters you enter can be compared with the generated image), and it has no security or privacy implications for users. It should automatically delete when you close your browser, but you can safely delete it manually at any time after your successful form submission.
  5. Site appearance and function has been checked in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. We are no longer able to check this in Safari, and some mobile (and other) browsers that are not W3C compliant may not display pages correctly. There are multiple issues in older versions of Internet Explorer than IE 9.
  6. PHP is used to provide Site Search and Form Email functions, and javascript is used for the expandable navigation menu at the head of each page (a large-button breadcrumb menu replaces the standard navigation menu on devices with a screen-width of less than 480 pixels). Our analytics software employs a combination of javascript and PHP.

    Disabling scripts will disable the main navigation menu (all pages can still be accessed through the static breadcrumb menu immediately below it), and may in some cases disable the search function, but should not affect site content or your use of it in any other way.