New PA Equipment Sales

19 September 2016

We can provide a range of professional PA equipment either as individual products or in the form of complete systems, based on our own tried and tested products and packages (please call us for up-to-date prices). Core products include:

World-class professional analogue mixers, from the entry-level PA series to the ML large-scale consoles, or digital desks from the QU-16 to the dLive provide a range that answers every live sound requirement.

Power amplifiers for all applications, from the cost-effective GX series to the legendary Powerlight range.

As well as their Driverack system controllers and industry-standard compressors, dbx graphic equalisers and feedback eliminators are among their arsenal of well-designed essential tools.

Professional concert loudspeaker systems, including their now (deservedly) well-established Blackline range, and the legendary MLA series.

Effects units from Lexicon, DI boxes and preamplifiers from Orchid Electronics, and microphones from AKG, Sennheiser and Shure are also available.

We can also supply a range of hardware, including microphone and loudspeaker stands from König & Meyer (or K&M, as most of us know them), and a range of audio cables using industry-standard Neutrik connectors.

We can also combine equipment from these and other manufacturers not listed here to form complete bespoke systems. If you are thinking of putting together a PA system, please ask us about available products, build options, and prices.

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