d&b Acoustic PA System

In 2013 we began to supply PA systems featuring d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers and amplifiers. The d&b Acoustic System is fronted by a pair of d&b E12 full-range loudspeakers, powered by a D12 amplifier.

The transparency and even frequency-response of these loudspeakers in both on- and off-axis positions is outstanding, and the E12's peak output of 134 dB Lp allows both extended headroom and the ability to provide adequate levels over a greater area than is possible with our established Martin Audio systems.

This system is ideal for music styles where extended low-frequency output is not required.

Hire Cost

  • From £450.00 + VAT (£540.00 including VAT) per day1.

Venue Suitability

  • Medium-sized venues (up to about 500 people or 30 metres in depth);
  • Marquees and outdoor events up to about 1,000 square metres.


  • Exceptional clarity and headroom;
  • Industry-standard microphones;
  • 16-channel professional mixer;
  • Experienced sound-engineer.


  • Live ‘acoustic’ music concerts;
  • Live background music for social, fundraising or corporate events.

System Details


Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2

The 16-channel Allen & Heath WZ3 - with onboard effects - provides professional microphone preamplifiers and full pro-audio features in a a compact 19″ rack-mounted design. The mixer is supplied with a drum-mounted 45-metre multicore cable and an experienced sound-engineer.

Processing and Effects

dbx 1046 Compressor

Four channels of classic dbx compression.

dbx 1231 equalisers

Six channels of 31-band graphic EQ.

Loudspeaker System

d&b audiotechnik E12 loudspeakers

The speakers - among the best 12″ full-range cabinets in the world - are supplied with d&b Z5352 flying brackets and Z5024 stand adaptors, as well as a pair of K&M 21300 wind-up loudspeaker stands.

d&b audiotechnik D12 amplifier

The D12 combines an advanced fan-cooled high-power amplifier with comprehensive digital loudspeaker management, ensuring clean accurate reproduction at all volume levels.

Input Equipment

We can usually supply a suitable combination of Microphones and DI boxes (the microphones include clips, K&M stands, and cables) for most types of production (please speak to us about what you will need). By default, d&b Live Music Systems come with:

Shure Beta58A Microphones

The Β58 is a similarly-voiced microphone to the classic SM58, but with a supercardioid response pattern, increased sensitivity, and a more open sound.

AKG C1000S Microphones

Described as The Swiss Army Knife for musicians, the C1000S is a multi-purpose transparent condenser microphone with cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns.

Orchid Standard DI boxes

The Orchid Standard D.I. combines superb audio quality with 100% reliability.

AKG C3000 Microphone

A studio-quality large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Shure Beta 57A Microphones

An improved version of the legendary SM57.


The d&b audiotechnik Acoustic System comes with a four-way monitor subsystem, using our long-established Martin Audio loudspeakers powered by QSC PLX2 amplifiers:

Martin Audio F10 loudspeakers

The F10 is a multi-angled two-way passive (10" + 1") enclosure providing excellent service as a monitor.

QSC PLX1804 amplifiers

Cables and Hardware

All necessary cables for power, loudspeakers, monitors, microphones and offboard are included, together with microphone and loudspeaker stands. We can also supply additional or alternative effects units and processors if required (please ask us about this).

  1. Delivery, set-up, take-down & collection are included without extra charge anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Stroud (an area that takes in most of Cheltenham and Gloucester and may of the surrounding towns and villages). Extra delivery charges may apply over greater distances (see our prices page for details).

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