Disco Systems

PA Systems Designed for Playback of Recorded Music

Our Disco Systems allow high-fidelity reproduction of recorded music from a variety of sources (including DJ equipment, CD players, iPods and dedicated MP3 players, phones, tablet PCs and laptops), at output levels suitable for events with up to 1,000 guests, featuring:

Our Speech Systems can also double as playback systems where extended bass output is not required. For events that call for full reproduction we currently offer two PA systems that are primarily intended for Disco or other playback (e.g. iPod or computer playlists) at higher volume:

Disco System

A compact powerful sound system, providing high-quality audio and inputs for a range of sources for events with up to 250 guests.

High-Power Disco System

For larger-scale events, this system features our d&b audiotechnik E12 loudspeakers, delivering pristine reproduction at full power.

Both systems include delivery and set-up, and can be supplemented with additional DJ equipment and disco lighting.

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