Live Acoustic Music Systems

PA Systems for Acoustic Instruments, Folk Music, and Vocals

Our Acoustic Systems provide 12-16 channels of mixing and processing, coupled with high-quality loudspeaker systems that deliver clarity and projection for instruments that do not require substantial low-frequency reinforcement. They feature:

For music with low-frequency content that needs to be amplified by the PA system we recommend that you use one of our Electric Music Systems. For other acoustic music, solo performers, or vocals where the back-line does not need amplification, we have two dedicated systems:

Vocal PA System

This well-specified Martin Audio loudspeaker system comes with a 12-channel Soundcraft mixer (including onboard Lexicon effects) and a selection of microphones, stands and DI boxes.

d&b Acoustic System

Featuring d&b audiotechnik E12 loudspeakers powered by a D12 amplifier and a 16-channel mixer, this system delivers definitive audio for vocals, acoustic guitars, and all other acoustic instruments.

Both systems include delivery and set-up, and the d&b system also includes a sound-engineer. Additional monitors can be hired with either system.

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