Hire Equipment

Inventory, Descriptions and Technical Details of Stocked PA Equipment

We carry a range of PA equipment, including our new d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker systems. This section provides information (including technical specifications) about the equipment supplied with our standard packaged PA systems, including:


We have a range of dynamic and condenser mics (primarily from AKG and Shure) suitable for most live applications, as well as Sennheiser radio systems with hand-held, headset or lapel transmitters.

DI Boxes & Preamplifiers

We can supply a number of input devices (mainly from Orchid Electronics), including active and passive DI boxes, isolation transformers, splitters, and instrument and microphone preamplifiers.


We stock Allen & Heath and Soundcraft live sound consoles (including Allen & Heath's QU and GLD digital series), and Pioneer and Vestax DJ mixers.

Effects & Processors

For those who still prefer analogue over digital we have a selection of analogue effects units and processors from various manufacturers.


We have amplifiers from d&b audiotechnik and QSC, ranging from 800W/channel to 1,200W/channel.


We supply d&b audiotechnik and Martin Audio loudspeakers.

Cables & Hardware

We carry an extensive stock of ATM and Proel signal and loudspeaker cables, K&M microphone stands, K&M and Proel loudspeaker stands, and flightcases and other hardware from a range of manufacturers.

Subject to availability any item shown in this section can generally be added to any packaged PA system that does not already include it. Our standard charge for supplementary equipment is the dry hire price less 15%. However, if you have any doubts about what you require, what will be provided, or what you will be charged, please talk to us about it before deciding whether to hire a system or equipment from us.

If a system you would like to hire does not include something here that you will need, please don't hesitate to ask: you won't see the dollar signs light up in our eyes if you ask for an extra microphone (although extra radio systems always carry an additional charge), and will always do our best to meet your requirements.

We may also be able to supply equipment that is not listed (again, please ask us about this).

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