PA Hire Prices

Hire Costs For Complete Delivered Systems

As well as prices of complete delivered PA Systems, the prices of common optional extras are detailed below. For hire prices of individual items, please see the Dry Hire Prices page. Please do ask us if you are looking for a combination of equipment and services not listed here.

Please also see our General Hire Conditions for terms and conditions that apply to system hire.

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(Ex. VAT)




(Inc. VAT)

PA Systems for Speech, A/V and Background Music

Announcement System, including delivery & set‑up[2]




d&b Conference System, including delivery & set‑up[2]




PA Systems for Disco and Full‑Range Recorded Music

Disco System, including delivery & set‑up[2]




High-Power Disco System, including delivery & set‑up[2]




PA Systems for Live Acoustic Music

Vocal PA System, including delivery & set‑up[2]




Vocal PA System with 2 monitors, including delivery & set‑up[2]




d&b Acoustic System, including delivery & sound‑engineer/operator[3]




PA Systems for Live Bands

Small Concert System without monitors, including delivery, set‑up & sound‑check[2]




Small Concert System with 2 monitors on 2‑way mix, including delivery, set‑up & sound‑check[2]




Small Concert System with 4 monitors on 2‑way mix, delivery, set‑up & sound‑check[2]




Small Concert System with 4 monitors on 4‑way mix, delivery, set‑up & sound‑check[2]




1.6kW Full Concert System, including delivery & sound‑engineer/operator[3]




d&b/Martin Audio High Output System, including delivery & sound‑engineer/operator[3]




Larger PA Systems




Supplementary Facilities and Equipment

Extra Stage Monitors (loudspeaker and cable only) with any PA System that already includes monitors, per monitor




Additional Monitor Mixes (loudspeaker and amplifier channel), where mixer sends are available




Re‑patching (alternative equipment or insert/send & return options for effects racks)




Additional Unspecified Facilities or Output Power




Hire of individual items

See Dry Hire Prices




Supplementary Services and Crew

Delivery of individual items








Sound-Engineer (up to 8 hours on site)[3]




Technician (up to 8 hours on site)[3]




Stage‑Manager (up to 8 hours on site)[3]




Extra set‑up/performance time (per man/hour or part hour)




Out‑of‑hours surcharge, midnight to 8:00 a.m. (per man/hour or part hour)




Extra mileage (unmanned systems), per mile




Extra mileage (manned systems up to 1.6kW Full Concert), per mile




Extra mileage (other manned systems), per mile




  1. Prices quoted are in all cases for ground-located loudspeakers (using appropriate stands or other mounting hardware as required). Please speak to us if you require a flown loudspeaker system.

    Unless otherwise stated, prices for unmanned PA systems are per 24-hour period. Prices of manned systems are per 8-hour on‑site session. Weekend hire rates for unmanned systems (delivered Friday after 10:00 a.m., collected Monday before 10:00 a.m.) are equal to 2 × daily hire rates. Weekly delivered but unmanned hire rates are equal to 3 × daily hire rates. Where a system includes personnel, discounted rates may apply, but do not include accommodation or board for any personnel provided (which will be chargeable, subject to separate agreement). Please speak to us if you need a manned system for two days or longer.

  2. Delivery and collection of complete PA Systems between 9:00 a.m. and midnight is free within a 15 mile radius of our postcode (this area includes Cheltenham, Gloucester and Cirencester). Extra mileage charges - see Supplementary Services and Crew for cost details - are for each additional mile from GL6 7DA to the delivery postcode, using AA route information (we may at our discretion use the TomTom Route Planner instead if this shows a shorter distance). There is no additional charge for the return or subsequent journeys (charges reflect personnel travel time as well as vehicle running costs).

    It is a hirer's responsibility to provide suitable access and parking for our vehicle(s). Where suitable parking is not provided, any parking charges or penalties we are liable to pay will be charged to the hirer with the addition of a 10% administration charge. If the distance from the vehicle loading point to the performance area is greater than 10 metres, or if there are stairways or other obstacles preventing wheeled access between loading point and performance area, please discuss it with us before placing an order, as charges (as well as loading times) may be affected. Additional charges may be levied retrospectively if you fail to tell us beforehand of something you have a duty to let us know about.

    Set-up is included with all systems. The Small Concert System includes a basic sound-check (subject to the availability of performers when the system is delivered), but personnel will only remain on site during the hire period with those systems which expressly include a sound-engineer/operator.

  3. Crew costs for up to 8 hours from start of load-in to start of load-out are included with all manned systems. Extra time is chargeable for each crew member for each hour or part hour thereafter (See Supplementary Services and Crew for cost details.

    A surcharge will be levied for time spent on site after midnight (i.e. between 00:00 and 8:00). This is in addition to normal hourly charges.

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