The Room

Concert Spaces and Live Sound Production

One of the biggest hindrances to getting a good sound is the room in which the performance is staged. A bad room can make even the best PA system difficult to use. Generally, a Reverb Decay Time (-60dB) of longer than about 1.5 seconds makes it very difficult to maintain vocal intelligibility and instrumental coherence, but there are many venues - or buildings with other primary purposes used as venues - with longer decay times. We have worked in churches and cathedrals with decay times of longer than 5 seconds.

Often nothing much can be done about the room itself, or the stage or the performance space. However, the following points can sometimes help minimise the adverse effect of room acoustics:

*Here, we have used ‘every little helps’ in its original sense, meaning that even small adjustments can have a beneficial effect. We do not mean ‘every little helps a ruthless profiteer to take more of your money and close more of your Post Offices’, or ‘every little helps a marketing campaign to hijack your language’.

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