Sales & Services

Sound and Lighting Equipment Sales and Ancillary Services for the Entertainment Industry

Our main business is in providing manned (‘wet’) and unmanned (‘dry’) PA Hire. However, we also provide supporting services, principally:

Live or Location Recording

We can record you or your band (or your choir or ensemble) in multi-track at your own premises, or at an event.

We can also record and provide transcript copies of seminars, conferences or other spoken presentations.

Consultancy & Installation

If you want to build and install your own sound system we can advise you on what to get, where to put it, how much it will cost and how to use it. If you like, we can cost, buy and install it for you.

Equipment Sales

Anything we use we can also sell. If you're looking for individual items of PA equipment (from Accessories to Z-leads) or a complete public address system, do please give us a call. At worst you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

Equipment Repairs

We can inspect and estimate the repair cost of single items of PA equipment, and can also locate and diagnose faults in complete sound systems.

Note, however, that any individual item that is more than about ten years old is probably beyond economic repair.


We can provide sound-engineering services for productions using in-house or third-party public address systems.

On-Site Technicians

You may require a Technician for installing, setting up or maintaining the PA System at a live event, or for diagnosing faults and repairing or reconfiguring an in-house system.

Live Sound Training

If you would like to learn more about using PA equipment or live sound-engineering in a hands-on environment, we may have a course to suit you.

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