Working with PA Systems and Equipment in Live Music Events

Any live music event requires some production management. This can range from very basic decisions (when to put the chairs out, and who is to do it) to complicated planning involving tour managers, trucking companies, site engineers, production crew, traffic management, and almost anything else you could possibly imagine (even - in one Pink Floyd concert - the Red Arrows).

This section addresses some of the basic matters that come up in everyday event management. We hope it will make it easier for you to work with us if we are involved in your production, or to work things out for yourself if we are not.

It contains:

Preparing for a Live Event

Things to do before the show.

Safety in Live Productions

Safety is essential. Live wires or falling speakers can kill.

Electricity for Live Events

A safe electricity supply is essential. The right kind of plugs and sockets are also useful.

The Room

Rooms can ruin the sound: some tips on damage limitation.


Getting the PA system into the venue.


Laying the system out, running cables, connecting it all together.


Sound-check procedures.


What we are all there for.


What to do if something goes wrong.


Dismantling and packing equipment...


...for loading up and going home!

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