Vocal PA System

Astralsound 600W PA System for band vocals or acoustic instruments

Angela Brown at Vonnies, Cheltenham

This is a high-quality sound system suitable for producing folk or "acoustic" music, or vocals where backline instruments do not require reinforcement. It is adequate for pubs or small to medium-sized clubs (up to about 150 people).

The microphones and DI boxes supplied - with a full complement of cables and stands - will cater for a wide variety of sources, while a 12-channel mixer with onboard Lexicon effects provides effective control.

Coupled with a first-class amplifier/loudspeaker system, it allows a professional standard of production for events in smaller spaces.

Hire Cost

  • From £240.00 + VAT (£288.00 including VAT) per day, including delivery1.

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Venue Suitability

  • Small to medium-sized audiences (up to about 150 people or 20 metres in depth).


  • Selection of microphones and DI boxes;
  • Full mixing facilities;
  • Production to professional standard;
  • Installation and configuration by an experienced audio professional;
  • Supplementary equipment available.


  • Acoustic bands;
  • Vocals where backline instruments do not need additional amplification;
  • Live background music for social, fundraising or corporate events.

System Details


Soundcraft EFX-12

This is an excellent small-frame mixer, with 12 mono and 2 stereo channels, 3-band channel EQ with swept mid, and onboard Lexicon effects.

A prefade Aux send provides capacity for optional monitors.

Controls are well laid-out and intuitive, making it easy to use as well as fully-featured.

Processing and Effects

dbx 231 Graphic Equaliser

This 2 × 31-band EQ is great for controlling feedback or general tone-shaping.

dbx 166XL Compressor

Classic dbx compression, which can be applied on channel or mix inserts.

Lexicon Effects

The Soundcraft EFX-12 is equipped with two banks of editable Lexicon Effects, including classic reverbs and tap-tempo delay.

Loudspeaker System

Martin Audio F10 loudspeakers

300W continuous, 1,200W peak (AES) 10″ + 1″.

The Martin Audio Blackline F10 is all you could ask for in power, clarity, projection or sound quality.

dbx Driverack PA controller

Providing digital loudspeaker management to ensure the amplifier and loudspeakers deliver their best performance.


2 × 550 Watts (FTC, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.05% THD) with the loudspeakers supplied.

Input Equipment

Shure SM58 vocal microphones

Four Shure SM58s are supplied with this systems

The SM58 has achieved its reputation as the industry-standard vocal microphone because it is a very good microphone: its high feedback immunity and lack of sensitivity to distant and off-axis sounds allows the vocals to cut through without making them harsh or strident.

Orchid Electronics active DI boxes

The Orchid Standard DI combines superb audio quality with 100% reliability.

AKG C1000S microphones

A pair of condenser microphoes is supplied with this system

The AKG C1000S is a good general-purpose condenser microphone. Its sensitivity and ability to capture high-frequency detail makes it ideal for acoustic instruments.

K&M microphone stands

The six K&M boom stands provided are solid and reliable (and all of ours have all their rubber feet!)

Microphone Cables

Twelve 6-metre balanced microphone cables (XLRF → XLRM) are included, as well as all necessary mains and loudspeaker cables.

Please call us if you need more equipment: we can provide a range of extras, including more microphones, stands and cables, D.I. boxes, monitors or bass speakers, and crew (or even, on occasion, musicians) if you need them.

  1. Delivery, set-up, take-down & collection are included without extra charge anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Stroud, which includes much of Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding area. Extra delivery charges may apply over greater distances (see our prices page for details).

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