Sound Recording

Live and Location-Based Multi-track Recording

We are now able to offer equipment that can obtain release-quality results from live event recording, with an experienced recording engineer. We can also provide comprehensive recording facilities on location (including overdubbing and editing during the recording session).

If we are providing a sound system for the event, we can record most live shows in either multi-track or stereo (although mixing live to stereo will not usually produce release-quality recordings). Please discuss your requirements with us when planning your event if you would like us to record it.

Digital Recording

Our Allen & Heath QU-24 allows full DAW control via MIDI using either Cubase (Windows) or Logic (OSX), and can record up to 24 tracks simultaneously on either platform. Where fewer than six channels of simultaneous recording are required we can also make and augment recordings via our Tascam US-600 dedicated external sound-card. Both hardware and software platforms allow simultaneous recording and playback.

The QU can also record up to 18 assignable tracks directly to a hard drive, although simultaneous recording and playback are not available using this method.

Allen & Heath QU-24

The QU-24 has multiple recording options:

  • Record to and playback from DAW or USB-drive
  • Full two-way DAW control*
  • Record up to 24 channels simultaneously*
  • Re-record individual or multiple tracks during playback*
  • Individually patchable sources for stereo or multi-track recording
  • Comprehensive processing, editing and effects
  • 24-bit, 48kHz.

*Using one of our our workstations (laptop or Mac, Cubase or Logic) is a requirement for 24-track recording, or for recording while replaying previously recorded material. When recording to a USB-drive only 18 tracks are available, and playback is not available while recording.

Tascam US-600

The Tascam US-600 is a dedicated input device for laptop, PC or MAC, and in conjunction with DAW software can produce high-quality multitrack recordings in a number of formats. Features include:

  • Time synchronisation and click-track/guide track
  • Up to 48 tracks
  • Simultaneous recording on up to 6 channels
  • Full MIDI interface
  • Comprehensive processing, editing and Lexicon effects
  • 24-bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz.

Analogue Recording

We are digital converts: we think modern professional digital recording equipment represents real-life sounds more accurately than analogue equipment ever did, and the recording industry has overwhelmingly ‘voted with its feet’ in favour of this view.

However, for anyone who still wants to get those ‘vintage’ analogue sounds, we are still able to record in analogue format.

Fostex R8

Our Fostex R8 is a serviced, fully functional 8-track reel-to-reel recorder, featuring:

  • Time-code synchronisation (requires one track)
  • Simultaneous recording on up to 8 channels
  • Drop-in and overdubbing
  • ¼″/15ips.

Replacement ¼″ tapes are becoming harder to source, so the continued availability of this recorder cannot be guaranteed.

Inputs and Monitoring


Our Rode NT2A (multi-pattern) and NT1A (cardioid matched pair) large-diaphragm studio condensers are complemented by our extensive stock of production microphones, and supplemented by DI boxes, guitar preamplifiers, and other input devices.


We have a selection of headphones for monitoring, overdubbing and playback. Our Studiospares M1000 and Beyer DT250 closed-back headphones combine accurate and detailed reproduction with deep bass and excellent isolation.



We have MAC (Logic) and PC (Cubase) editing options, both of which provide seamless DAW platforms for the QU-24, and include a fully-featured suite of effects and processing tools. These are supplemented by the on-board facilities of the QU-24, while for recordings that require a particular analogue sound we still have a stock of dedicated processors.


We can mix down to most digital audio formats (WAV by default) and/or provide audio copies that can be played on CD or DVD. We are also able to provide copies in legacy formats (including DAT and compact cassette).

We can also supply materials (e.g. portable drives, USB sticks or CDs) to order: please speak to us about your requirements if you would like hard copies of raw data files.

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