2009 Archive

Photographs of Astralsound events, 2007 - 2009

These photos are from some of the events we were involved in during the period from 2007 to 2009.

Where higher-resolution images are available, clicking on an image displays it in a larger format.

Graffiti Classics at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel (2009)

The Poozies - and their sound-engineer - during sound-check at the Armoury Hall, Newnham...

...and later, during their performance.

The stage at Vonnies

Angela Brown at Vonnies (2007)

David Bristow at Vonnies (2007)

Baka Beyond on stage at Lydney Town Hall (2007).

Mark Burton (Baka Beyond's sound-engineer), during the sound-check...

Pictures for Techies

Dan, setting up for Baka Beyond at Lydney Town Hall (2007).

The stage at Lydney, set-up completed.

Close-ups: the desk, before the show...

...and in use, with...

...EQ and effects racks,...

...and main amplifiers.

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