Audio Equipment Repairs

PA Component Service and Repair

We are able to provide on-site system diagnostics and can identify failed or failing units or cables in installed PA systems.

However, our workshop repair facilities are now limited, and we can no longer carry out component-level diagnostics or repairs in-house. Depending on the equipment and the fault we may still be able to service or repair some equipment, either on-site or in our workshop. We can also provide contact details for some manufacturer service agents, where appropriate.

Please give us a call if you need PA equipment serviced or repaired. We can usually tell you over the phone whether we will be able to manage your repair, and can help you to find a suitable repairer if we can't manage it ourselves. Wherever possible we will agree a price with you before we start work, but will generally need to carry out at least a superficial inspection before we can give any estimate of cost.

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