Removing Touring Sound and Lighting Systems and Equipment from the Venue

Loading out usually takes about the same time as loading in, and involves most of the same Safety and other criteria. If there is a curfew, it is important to tell the performers about it, as take-down cannot begin until the performance has finished.

If you are hiring a system from us and you - or the venue staff - need to lock the building after we leave, you should generally allow about two hours from the end of performance for take-down and load-out.

It is also good practice (see Preparation) to refer to checklists: if it has been checked on the van, then it can't have been left behind. Checklists can also help in loading-out, if equipment is listed in pack-order.

If you are part of the get-out crew, one other important thing to take with you - besides all your equipment - is your rubbish: all gaffer tape should be lifted and removed (even if wasn't you who taped the cables down), and discarded plastic cups and sandwich wrappers don't leave a good impression, even if it wasn't your sandwich.

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